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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check me out at  My name is Dolf van Asbeck, and since my corporate disestablishment in 2015, I have been looking for something else to engage me, and gradually this has developed into an on-line presence as part of that goal.  While my initial interest was in nutrition, the reading and development since then is leading me to a broader approach that covers physical and spiritual well being as well.

A Little Story About My Interest In Nutrition

I developed an interest in nutrition in 1986, after a severe car collision and subsequent hospitalization.  Over the next 18 months and several operations, and remaining underweight, I eventually found out about commercial meal replacements, multi-vitamins and protein supplements.  They made a big difference to me then, and while I do not use them anymore, they definitely filled a gap for me at the time, and sparked my interest in the effects of eating well.


The goal for this website is to gather material and write articles of interest to men, and their womenfolk if they happen to be looking, starting with nutrition, and with the intention of growing to include headings for fitness and meditation.  Nutrition in a very broad sense

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